18 Sep '18 THE BARBICAN ESTATE, by Stefi Orazi

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first residents moving into the THE BARBICAN ESTATE, in LONDON.

The Grade II listed complex, designed by CHAMBERLIN, POWELL and BON, is one of LONDON's most recognisable landmarks, comprising over 2,000 flats, outdoor spaces, gardens, and an arts centre. 

Taking over 30 years to complete, this was post-war planning on a grand scale. Today, the BARBICAN ESTATE is recognised as a world-class piece of BRUTALIST architecture.

The BARBICAN ESTATE by author and designer STEFI ORAZI is a comprehensive guide to the estate and includes detailed plans for each of the 140 different flat and house types, along with beautiful photography of the building’s exteriors and interiors by CHRISTOFFER RUDQUIST. The author has interviewed Barbican residents and employees, past and present, giving a rare insight into how life on the estate has changed over the decades. 

The book features essays by leading architects and design critics JOHN ALLAN and CHARLES HOLLAND, which explore the construction of the BARBICAN as well as the unique style of urban housing developed by 
CHAMBERLIN, POWELL and BON. It also includes unseen archive material from POLLY POWELL.

A true celebration of the BARBICAN this book is an essential addition to the bookshelf for any fan of architecture and design in general, and BRUTALISM and the BARBICAN ESTATE in particular.